C&S Products Company, Inc. was founded in 1986 with the mission of producing the highest quality wildlife specialty food and feeding accessory products available for the U.S. Wild Bird Feeding market. Our company’s commitment to quality and unique innovative feeding products enables us to lead the industry in wildlife acceptance and consumer satisfaction continues to fuel our annual growth. The challenges this growth brings is what keeps our team of dedicated employees motivated to continually improve every aspect of our company on a daily basis.

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B14300101 C&S Berry Flavored Nuggets™
  • $4.49
B14358527 C&S Berry Suet Treat Only 7 left in stock
  • $1.49
B14300526 C&S Bluebird Food Nuggets™
  • $4.49
B14300707 C&S Double Suet Basket Only 3 left in stock
  • $4.99
B14300729 C&S E-Z Fill Deluxe Suet Feeder with Roof
  • $10.49
B14300749 C&S E-Z Fill Seed Cake "Snak" Feeder Only 1 left in stock
  • $8.49
B14300730 C&S Green E-Z Fill Suet Basket Only 3 left in stock
  • $3.99
B14300709 C&S Hanging Suet Basket with Roof
  • $7.49
B14300753 C&S Nugget™ Feeder
  • $7.99
B14358559 C&S Nutty Suet Treat
  • $1.49
B14300950 C&S Nyjer Sack
  • $1.79
B14300105 C&S Peanut Suet Nuggets™
  • $4.49
Items: 112 of 16