Abba Seed

We  couldn't possibly show it all to you because ABBA's complete and  balanced diets consist of much, much more. We start with only the  highest quality grains, and then add in the right proportions of  vitamins and minerals. This method of blending is crucial so the bird's  delicate biological systems will utilize these nutrients properly.  Now imagine  fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, succulent meats, poultry and fish  actually ground up then blended with wholesome grains to produce our  famous and unique nutritious kibble biscuit! The process is unique, the  quality is overwhelming, and the results are there! 

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B05212005 Abba 1200 Small Hookbill No Sunflower Parrot Seed
  • $14.29
B05213005 Abba 1300 Large Hookbill No Sunflower Seed Diet
  • $16.99
B05214005 Abba 1400 African Grey & Small Parrot Food
  • $15.99
B05215004 Abba 1500 Parrot Seed Diet
  • $14.49
B05216002 Abba 1600 Keet & Small Hookbill Seed Diet
  • $8.99
B05216105 Abba 1600-C Cockatiel Seed Diet
  • $18.99
B05217002 Abba 1700 Canary Seed
  • $8.99
B05218002 Abba 1800 Canary/Finch Seed Song Food
  • $9.49
B05219002 Abba 1900 Finch Seed
  • $8.99
B05224001 Abba 2400 Just Nuts
  • $7.99
B05235004 Abba 3500 Wholesome Parrot Food
  • $14.99
B05237002 Abba 3700 Canary Seed
  • $8.99
Items: 112 of 26