We’re a small, family-run company located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Windsor, Colorado. Like many passionate dog owners, our dogs run our lives. From planning weekend trips to the mountains where the dogs can run free, to incorporating visits to new dog parks whenever we venture around town, our dogs are considered in each decision we make.  

We started The Natural Dog Company because we love our dogs and we care about the treats we give them. All of the high-quality products we carry are vet-approved and are either organic, all-natural or free-range. We know what it means to want the best for your dog and that’s why we only sell the natural products we stand behind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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B57500543 Natural Dog Beef Marrow Bone 7 Inch
  • $6.99
B57503021 Natural Dog Low Odor 9 Inch Curly Bully Sticks
  • $6.99
B57500420 Natural Dog Odor Free Standard Bully Sticks Only 8 left in stock
  • $3.99
B57500439 Natural Dog Odor Free Thick Bully Sticks
  • $5.99